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Affect of UX/UI Design in Web Design

26 Feb, 2020 Admin

In today’s digital world, UX and UI play an essential role in any business where UX is defined as the user’s experience or understanding about your product or system and their response towards it. On the other hand, UI is defined as User Interface which means that the user can easily interact with the website that is designed for your business or not.

What is UX Design?

Firstly let’s talk about UX, while there are several definitions of user experience, one can easily define it as the reaction of the user toward your system you have designed. It holds a significant place in the website as the experience of the user is what confirms whether they will return to the site again or not. Moreover, amazing user experience has an enormous effect on ROI that is also referred to as Return on Investment.

A great UX means that user’s demands and requirements are met which will ensure the loyalty and trust of the customer towards your brand. Apart from this user experience also make sure that the utility of the website is spectacular and can easily engage others in it.

Why UX Design is Essential?

The major objective of UX is that it totally depends upon the perception of users which can be tricky. We know that no two users will have the same reaction that’s why it is necessary to study a business’s target audience prior to creating a UX design for the website. With the help of a system, we can check the user’s response towards the system and take their feedback to improve the functionality and create an interface that is easy to understand for them.

There are so many reasons that focus on good user experience is required. If you are developing creative web design it will only be fruitful when you have similarly powerful UX design. Our designers know the importance of a completely functional site due to the fact that a user’s perspective is highly based on the website’s functionality more than any visual appeal. But still, there are some people who think that web design is the same as UX design which however is two different sides of the world.

If we talk about web design then it mainly concentrates on the visual appeal of the website which puts higher efforts into the artistic value. While on the other hand, UX is highly focused on developing an interface that has more useful features in comparison to the visual attractiveness of the site. Apart from that web design is more centred towards selling a brand and UX Design is more directed on a magnificent as well as hassle-free user experience.

In the web designing a high level of programming languages knowledge are required such as HTML, CSS, PHP and so on; while in UX Design only required knowledge of certain basic languages. Besides, UX Designers works more with prototypes and wireframes so they can easily understand the possible issues and provide an effective solution for the same.

At times many give priority to the web design and neglect the significance of UX Design, however, good user experience can really affect the web design in a severe manner. And very few know that both are truly correlated with each other and affects each other in numerous ways. That’s why for creating a fully operative foremost website it is important to play with both collectively.

Appreciatively winning design that has functional add ons provide the user with a feeling of authenticity. Good web design will captivate the visitors whenever they will enter the site while a great user-friendly interface returns an extensive reaction. Both of these will not only influence the user to visit the site again but will also create reliability in their subconscious. UX, as well as Web Design, naturally affects the user’s mind immediately that will develop value and image of your brand.

We all understand that the first impression is the last impression and that’s what happens when a visitor lands on the site. The few seconds that they spend on the site for the first time is considered as the most crucial one. In those moments the visitor decides whether your site is worthy of visiting or not. And if at that moment your site leaves a long-lasting impression on the visitors and has properly working functions then it will help in increasing your product and services sales as well.

What is UI Design?

If we discuss UI Design then we will know that it refers to the interface created in the website that is appealing to the target audience while having a great design. UI Designers focuses on developing designs that seem pleasurable and easy to use. UI Design not only includes the graphic of the website but also to its voice-controlled features. UI Design is more concentrated on the overall surface and feel of the site. It covers the complete spectrum of the user interface. It includes the images, sliders, videos, texts, screen layout, interface animations, transitions and other users interactive stuff.

A UI Designer works on the looks of the website that includes the schemes and colours of the buttons present in it, fonts that will be used and also the width of the line. We can say that UI designer is the graphic designer who is centred towards the feel and look of the site. They also assure that all the elements in the site appear organised.

If designed cautiously, content layout helps in creating a brand’s reputation and keeps the users involved. Both of them combined can make users more eager about all the services that you are offering and will get engages in discovering more and more about the site that will also improve the trustworthiness of the website.

Cautiously strategizing how the content of the sire will split can lead the website’s guest to move forward on the pages you wanted them to. We know that a website presentation plays a great role and assists the visitors to build a view about it. An appealing site or page includes eye-catching images, banners and correctly distributed content that will also increase your ROI. Amazing graphics can easily trigger a response that is required for your benefit by directly influencing their minds.

Major Effects of UX/UI Design in Website

The major effect of the UX/UI Design on your website is that it targets an increase in recognization of the brand, make it trustworthy, draw more customers/visitors towards it which also let the user’s know how much effort you are putting to serve them.

To make a visitor involved in the site it is important to create a connection with them emotionally. If you really want to connect with the user you definitely need a clear and accurately placed content and other elements that will make give site user-friendly interface as it will result in improved consumer loyalty.

Apart from all this, it is essential to interact with the customers on a regular basis by asking for their opinions, expectations and demands from the website that will also help in enhanced understanding of the user’s perception.

Besides, it is important to create or develop a website that is responsive and can run on both desktop and smartphones as each and every person nowadays has a smartphone and search for the stuff from there. And if the look and theme of your site are not the same in both it can drastically affect the customer’s experience.

At iGlobe Solution, our UX/UI designers create the website as well as app according to all the facts mentioned above so that you can get more profits through sale, and more enhanced user-interactions and experience. You can see the results for your website from our strategical plannings. We will focus on satisfying the visitors of your website so that they aim to visit on your site, again and again, to check out your new products and services. We will not only work on the website design but also on its user’s experience and the interface they will get.

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